Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Welcome back to 2nd semester

Welcome back to second semester.
We have already had an exciting time.  I hope you enjoyed your little mini vacation.

Now that things are back to relative normal, please use this blog as a resource to help suppliment what we are doing in class.

You will find tabs at the top of the page for each unit. Under those tabs you will find notes, practice, and generally most of the documents that I give out in class. if you need extras feel free to download and print them out at your convenience.

You will also find helpful videos. The Algebra 2 team will take turns making videos for students to use to supplement what they get in class. They can watch, rewatch, and take notes as many times as they need to be successful on a topic.
most of the note pages will be set up to go along with the videos. If a student is absent they may use this as a tool to keep up with the lessons they have missed.

Good luck and Best wishes on an amazing 2nd semester!

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